I originally went to Dr. Beason, upon a recommendation of a friend, for an injured rotator cuff. The pain was so excruciating I could hardly sleep at night.

I called him and he took me in the next morning and in just 1 treatment, he managed to reduce the pain by 90% - and without the use of any drugs or PX. Then after about 3 more treatments, and with specific exercises to do 3 times daily, my shoulder was completely pain-free in 2 weeks, after having suffered with it for a couple months.

I've been going to him regularly now for routine checkups. I highly recommend him.

He has solved other problems I've had over the years, such as....digestion problems, high blood pressure, and plantar fasciitis.

David S.

I was suffering from chronic, sometimes acute, back spasms that were becoming increasingly debilitating. Using a combination of treatments, simple exercises, and dietary modifications Dr. Beason eliminated root causes — some originating in my youth — and brought me to a level of wellness I'd never known before. The back problems ceased, and so did many other problems I had thought were unrelated.

Funny, but before meeting Dr. Beason my body didn't even know how to walk correctly. In my entire life not one doctor, physical therapist, coach, sports trainer, family member, or friend had ever connected the dots — but Dr. Beason did!

Since then Dr. Beason has been my "go-to guy" whenever I've been injured, run down, or otherwise unwell. He's perceptive, effective, a good listener, and we usually share good laughs (that's good medicine, too).

Not just me, but my whole family. Each member has their own unique needs, and Dr. Beason figures out what works best even as they change and mature.

Something else about Dr. Beason; he is constantly learning, developing new skills, and piecing together relevant knowledge. I appreciate that.

And if something needs the attention of a different kind of healthcare provider, Dr. Beason will say so plainly and professionally. He genuinely cares.

We've recommended dozens of friends to Dr. Beason. He has our trust and gratitude.

If you give Dr. Beason the opportunity I believe you will be pleased, too.

Ron S. — Fremont

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Beason for about 10 years and he has helped us with numerous health issues. Although we're both relatively healthy, we strive for optimal health and Dr. Beason has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals both physically and mentally. The latest and worst health issue that he helped me with is a neck injury that I sustained in September 2012. After it happened, Dr. Beason was the ONLY person out of several doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists who was able to get me out of excruciating pain. Even the pain meds and muscle relaxers that were prescribed by doctors did little. I'm SO thankful for Dr. Beason.

Although I'm not opposed to seeing conventional doctors for health concerns, I always end up going back to Dr. Beason for further evaluation because I trust his assessments. I'm confident that with the variety of techniques and tests that he uses, he will hone in on the root cause of a problem and help me to address it naturally. If something needs further attention by a specialist, he is honest and will tell me so. I feel that he sincerely wishes to help me achieve optimal health and well-being.

It has also been our experience that Dr. Beason stays current on the cutting edge of natural healing methodologies and continually researches the latest in health and nutritional info. His fees are a fraction of what conventional doctors charge, and at my appointments he always spends the time that he feels is needed, not rushing me out the door. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Beason in his natural healing abilities, but I should also mention that he's a very nice man who delivers his health care in a kind, caring, "no pressure" type manner. I strongly urge anyone with health concerns to schedule an evaluation appointment with Dr. Beason. You'll discover for yourself what a find he is.

-Teresa S.

Beason Wellness Center is fantastic! Dr. Beason takes a full medical history, asks all kinds of questions from dietary and exercise habits, to medical history, and your emotional state. He takes the time to explain all about the type of treatment you're going to receive.

His chiropractic care is gentle to the body. I was seeing another chiropractor every month for recurring low back pain, but the pain would not go away. After seeing Dr. Beason, my back is 100x better. I can tie my tennis shoes without any discomfort in my lower back. In six months, my back has only given me a problem once! What's best is that he uses advanced chiropractic techniques which involve no cracking or twisting your body like a pretzel.

Dr. Beason has also helped me with my diet. He was able to identify foods/chemicals that were being toxic to my body. By following his advice (gluten free foods, organic, and taking a few supplements) I've eliminated migraine headaches, insomnia, stress AND have shed almost 30 pounds in less than 6 months. My whole body is so much healthier now.

Dr. Beason, thank you for bringing me back to health.


I was referred to Dr. Beason by some one that I respect, and was amazed that Dr. Beason embodied every quality that I was told that he had; extreme kindness, great professional ability to diagnose and help heal all issues regarding health and well being, and with services offered at affordable cost---also, you are never rushed or hustled "in and out".

My family and I remain in permanent gratitude for all of the physical, mental and emotional help that he has professionally and selflessly given to us.

Dr. Beason is willing to work with you on all issues; he believes that no one should have to live with pain, and will consciously and consistently work with you towards eliminating whatever it is that is inhibiting you from enjoying balanced health on all levels.

He employs many skills regarding the treatment of health, and holds no negative bias against other methods of healing that he may not employ; he only directs you to what is best for you. He listens and understands. Huge.

I would recommend Dr. Beason to everyone who wants a caring doctor who truly only has your best interests at heart and delivers excellent results. You leave knowing that you were cared for, and are healing---or healed.

Cynthia Gecas, George Gecas and Christina Gecas

Dear Dr. Beason,

You're the best health care practitioner I've ever experienced. After my back injury, I went to several chiropractors, two physiatrists, and a physical therapist. I stopped seeing all of them when I found you. Every time I visit you, I leave feeling better.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my gratitude for all you've done.

Laurie S.

If you are looking to restore your body, mind and health, Dr. Beason will assist you to wholeness.

When I first met Dr. Beason, I was looking for a Chiropractor. But when I started doing the work with him, I discovered he could help me in many more ways. My long term neck and back problems feel better than ever before with any methods of Chiropractic.

But beyond that, I been able to get my high blood pressure, and high cholesterol under control and I have since gone off the medications. My personal life has also taken new positive directions, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

CJ – Fremont

I have been so fortunate to have Dr. Beason as my health practitioner.

He corrected a misdiagnosis and helped me heal from chronic pain.

He helped my body heal structurally, nutritionally, and metabolically. I had an uneventful pregnancy in my 40s due to excellent health achieved by working in concert with his guidance for the prior years.

He is a wonderful educator and practitioner and I consider him an integral part of my family's health. Dr. Beason encourages but never coerces, and helps each person develop a path to wellness specific to them.

I can't recommend him highly enough.

Lisa P.-Fremont

I walked into Dr. Beason's office with multiple pains and complaints. The pain in my lower back and right shoulder/scapular areas were treated successfully with the use of both chiropractic adjustments, exercises he taught me to perform on my own, and a painless pressure device.

Dr. Beason also addressed my long-term digestive tract health problems, which explained much of my fatigue. My digestive tract was considerably inflamed due to intolerance to certain proteins in my diet and I was not able to absorb the necessary nutrients for my body to be strengthened.

In 18 months, after not eating grains, dairy products and other foods I knew, prior to my treatment with Dr. Beason, caused me allergic reactions, I am now able to eat "smart," choosing appropriate grains, and dairy products. I can even eat foods of which I had previous allergies without developing any allergic symptoms.

I believe the use of the supplements Dr. Beason recommended and the Stress Reduction treatment assisted my body to be healed over time. It also assisted me to know myself better.

His techniques and treatments are holistic in that he reviews all aspects of a person's health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). He does not just treat for symptoms but researches, attends scientific conferences and consults with scientists about complicated illnesses to recommend the best holistic treatment.

Dr. Beason also informs as he treats so you are not only getting the proper treatment, you learn how to take care of yourself to remain healthy. In fact, the only reason I have not returned to Dr. Beason's office after my approximately year-and-a-half moderately spaced treatment appointments is because my pain and digestive problems no longer exist.

I continue to recommend him to my friends. I only wish Dr. Beason had offices in Southern California and the East Coast where some friends and relatives live so they could also be relieved of their health problems successfully and with no trauma nor unpleasant side effects.

-T. Brennan

When I began with Dr. Beason, I was in real physical trouble.

He started with balancing me chemically. Then we worked on my physical symptoms.

Today I am a very healthy 66 year old. I have learned a huge amount through Dr. B. He is totally committed to my well being. I remain very grateful to have the benefit of his care.


Chiropractic medicine can be easily misunderstood. It took me a long time to seek help many years ago with migraine headaches. I want to encourage anyone with a chronic or new condition to look into the alternative healing of chiropractors. Over time, I tried a few different chiropractors. Good news, after I met Dr. John D. Beason, D.C., I trusted his care because he would explain how and why our bodies react to pain or discomfort and how his treatment would be helpful.

It has been my pleasure to receive his dedicated care. I was introduced to him through a good friend and I was surprised by his unique techniques, but I always felt better either immediately or within 24 hours. Dr. Beason's passion for better health is at the helm. He has a sincere approach to alternative methods and/or combined with my primary care physician; this flexibility is greatly appreciated. Listening to the whole story and sometimes more, encouragement, compassion, and extensive knowledge are his greatest talents so that he knows best how to treat my problem. Give Dr. Beason a call.

Sue C.

Dr. Beason is a master of many healing modalities. He seems to have an innate sense about which one will be best to use for whatever problem may be presented. I highly recommend him.

Diane W.

I came to see Doctor Beason when my body was out of alignment and in pain.

Doctor Beason proceeded to re-align my body. What a release!

With patience we reached a point of total balance.

For friends in need, he is always number one on my list of referral.

I am very grateful for his dedication and patience. He makes healing a great adventure.

Peter Sanderson, Alameda, CA.